Prostatic Milking Rituals

I have being massaging men’s prostates to prostate massage orgasm for more than 20 years, Gay, bi, or str8 men all welcome. The massage Ritual involves gentle external and internal prostate massage combined with amazing cock massage techniques to gradually build sexual energy to allow a really amazing anal orgams which results in a spectacular ejaculation. I am based in Central London, very close to Sadler’s Wells Theatre. 2 make an appointment for my Prostatic Massage 2 Ejaculations Ritual, call Mr. Cox 07974 805666 or email


Hello – Are you seeking a slow sensual massage and in the course of this massage the complete stimulation of your arse. A complete and continuos motion to complete a “first” that will blast out with satisfaction, elation and release. With proper manipulation, I know that I can “literally” push the pre-cum out of your cock long before I actually let you come. A once in your life experience.  You sound like that would surely be one of your capabilities, and I would desire to give you such attentions . You should expect very erotic loving kindness. I  want to confirm to you – that been straight, its still ok to experience your male male massage in london ? I feel that a male can give a male a better massage, as he understand where a man needs to be touched. Look forward to confirming a tantric session with you in london. Regards, Seb Cox, put my number in your phone, 07974 805666

000iab120x90_1872412Hello Seb, I thouroughly enjoyed your excellent hospitality. The orgasms as a result of your tantric massage were to say the least HEROIC. this followed by a rest and hot bath made for a truely unique and satisfying experience. I will certainly recommend your services to my friends that are keen to enjoy good health and deep orgasms. Regards, Jack Western Australia

  1. could you email me me more information on the prostate massage and its benefits?